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Thread: 2-tran SMPS , NOW: Transient suppressors
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>A TVS (transient voltage suppressor, goes by other names too) is
>faster than a zener, can absorb way more energy, not so sharp voltage
>clamping. You can get them in AC & DC  types.

Arnt´ theese a type of Zener with high peak handling?
And AC types dual antiseries?

>A VDR (voltage dependent resistor, goes by other names too) is I
>think slower than a zener, can absorb more energy than a TVS and is
>coarser voltage clamping than a TVS. These are AC.

IIRC turn-on is not notable, and theese also have some capacitance.
Can consume pretty much, i have once found one shorting, but mostly they blow open at overload.

I still think that for outputs SCR is best when affordable.
One problem is that when the SCR fires it consumes all the capacitor stored energy and that is a very high peak load i the SCR chip.  I seldom see series resistors, but series resistors of only few mohm (PCB track) will easy the life of the SCR.


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