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Thread: how to make a rectangular hole on enclosure
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a) Punches (some simple need pre drilled hole, then using internal screw through hole to punch, more expensive which don´t need pre-drilling are whole bench apparatus...)

b) Drill + Nibbler ( I modified one cheap hand held, removed the top which was intended to hold the sheet steel while nibbling, so now it is smaller and get through a 8mm drilled hole.)

c) Drill + quadratic file.

d) drill, then use a fine hobby ("leaf-" ? ) saw (put saw blade through hole, before attaching it to blade holder)

e) like d but use hot wire

f) drill several holes close to each other around inner edge of wha tis to be the hole, then cut what is left with a small cutter plier, and use a knife or file to make smooth.

g) use solder iron or thick hot wire to melt a ditch around the borders, when almost through use knife and knock or iron again from other side.

h) I regrinded a small 3mm drill to be wery sharp along sides, so I can drill, then move it sideways.  But it is hard to move straight...


paul wood wrote:
>I want to make a small rectangular hole on a plastic
>enclosure so as to fit in a slide switch, but since it
>is not circular, I cannot use a drill. Is there any
>way or tools to make this hole easily?

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