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Thread: Stupid Question
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Holy cow! Thanks a lot this is everything I wanted to know and more. I
didnt know any of that about the crystals. I have a couple questions
related to that.

1. Does the code syntax change depending on the crystal speed? it seems
like if it didnt why wouldnt you just always use the fastest one, the
price differences seem minimal.

2. Are there any internet resources that explain more about a hexadecimal
value crystal vs. a decimal value crystal? I have a problem understand how
a crystal that emits frequencies would have anything to do with binary or
decimal, I would like to know more about that.

3. Ceramic Resonators, I imagine when you talk about accuracy you are
referring to the fact that a clock cycle varies in the time it execute? so
basically this only matters when you need accuracy within milliseconds and
consistantly correct?

BTW, I have been considering if I should get into the PICs or the AVRs,
and from my initial emails it appears that I get a lot more support from
the PIC users than the AVR. I wonder why if the AVR's are faster and
'better' overall why the support base is so skewed towards PIC users...

- Matt

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