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Thread: 2-tran SMPS 5v reg now 90% efficicient!
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Hi, Roman

> >     Did I ever sent you the one I made with the MPSA42 that can run from
> > volts ?? It also performs beautifully !
> I would like to see the circuit. :o)

   It is a pleasure :-) It works nicely and goes all the way from 160 volts
downto 12 volts. I tested it for some weeks connected directly to the mains
trough a simple rectifier and filter and another one connected to a car
battery for the same period. Efficiency is very bad but reliability should
be quite nice. Even with all the series resistors I still get 150ma with no
heat at all in all test conditions.

   The ugly and inefficient circuit is attached. :-) It runs nicely, I can
assure that. I tested it in all conditions I could simulate and regulation
and efficiency is poor but it makes very little noise and should be quite
reliable. There should still be a prototype running inside a train for some
months with it and nobody called to say it stoped :-)

> The 3-tran circuit will handle continuous short
> circuits and all overload conditions.

   Thanks a lot.. I will surely try it out as I did with the others. I will
surely find a nice product to put it in someday ;-) When that happens you
can be sure I will get you a nice bottle of Champagne :-) What brand would
you prefer ? Does that satisfies the "hippyware" aggrement ? ;-)

> Re your over voltage question and possibility of a
> shorted switching transistor, I would just use a small
> fusible resistor 0.33 ohms etc in series with the
> input voltage. This will save your $100 equipment! :o)
> -Roman

   You mean with a zener or something else at the output to clamp the high
voltage and make the fusistor open, right ? Am I missing something ?

Best regards,
Alexandre Guimaraes

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