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Thread: How many women in PicList ?
face BY : Russell McMahon email (remove spam text)

> > (2) Women are less likely to put their ideas up for public
> >     scrutiny and possible humiliation in a male forum.

> We had quite an exchange here in the last few weeks with
> several newbies on the list - and *no* humiliation so this
> doesn't hold water ...

This list, be it ever so polite, dishes out humiliation or potential
humiliation very regularly. The dishing out is largely restricted to a few
and it may be that the thickness of skin which comes from experience and or
age makes it harder for us somewhat older ones to see how others feel about
it. As an example, take an acknowledged master who won't be humiliated by my
taking his name in vain: Olin will fry the heat resisting paint off a newbie
at half a kiloparsec - while I am sure that he thinks he is balanced and
reasonable and is helping youngsters attain a more reasonable demeanour more
rapidly than they otherwise would, I am sure that there are more than a few
who would rather not post than risk his ire. That said, Olin's positive
contributions are undoubted and I haven't noted him being rude to women.

I'll leave the other points to others to avoid further humiliating myself
:-).  Now, have I got the tag right and trimmed the message properly ? (But
I did manage to leave my name off the first time when sending).

       Russell McMahon

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