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Thread: 2-tran SMPS 5v reg now 90% efficicient!
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> What about an SCR + Zener crowbar? Rig one SCR to short out L1, rig the
> other to short Q1 base to Vin. Remind me to try that out later :-)

   I really do not like crowbar protection ! I have seem it fail many, many
times. It should work but in practice I have seem it fail much more than the
power supply itself. If you make it with a fast response it will false
trigger on any small transients and if it is too slow things will burn
before it activates ! I would prefer just a big zener and a polyfuse.
Knowing Roman for a while I always expect that he can come up with another
pearl of simplicity and make much better than the zener and polyfuse :-)

Best regards,
Alexandre Guimaraes

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Subject (change) 2-tran SMPS 5v reg now 90% efficicient!

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