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Thread: 2-tran SMPS 5v reg now 90% efficicient!
face BY : Alexandre Guimar„esemail (remove spam text)

Hi, Roman

> Hmm, that's an easy one, 40v in, 12v out, 500mA, overvoltage
> output. The short circuit protection I can do to, but it will
> cost a little efficiency. Regulation should be excellent.
> So is max efficiency from 30 to 300ma ok?
> With current limiting kicking in at 500mA?

   Would be almost perfect ! I was not clear about the 12V out, I would
like to have both, a 5V well regulated output and a 12V poor regulated one.
One would power the board and the other one would power the sensors. I think
I could just drop another coil and use a zener for the 12V out. Not very
efficient but maybe enough for many applications.

   Another great thing about your circuit is that it is makes much less
noise than other SMPS i have seen. Not problems with radios nearby.

   I have one of the old versions running on my desktop for over 2 months
and it is still running perfectly.

   Did I ever sent you the one I made with the MPSA42 that can run from 150
volts ?? It also performs beautifully !

   The circuit is simple, clean, efficient and cheap !! What else could
anyone ask for ??? Congratulations.

   My only concerns about using it in a product is the lack of overvoltage
and overcurrent protection. It would not be nice to have 100 bucks going
away because the switching transistor got short circuited :-(

Best regards,
Alexandre Guimaraes

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Subject (change) 2-tran SMPS 5v reg now 90% efficicient!

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