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Thread: ATtiny26l - anyone used ? ~
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I'd be interested to know if anyone has used the AVR ATtiny26l and has
anything good or bad to say about them.

I'm considering using an AVR ATtiny26l in a new design.
This SEEMS like a marvellous part and excellent value for money but they are
quite new to the world (April 2002?) and while they are readily available
there is very little mentioned about them on the web so far.

I just ordered sample quantities (no free samples here :-( ) for about $US2
each. Volume pricing looks like it will be no worse than for AT90S2313 while
capabilities are at least equal (except for USPI which is "different" to
UART) but in many areas superior. (11 channels 10 bit A2D, differential A2D
with 20x gain option and offset zeroing, internal or external A2D reference,
2 x PWM with dual complementary non overlapping outputs, up to 16 I/O,
internal/external clocks, serial peripheral interface (not UART per se),
eerom, flash, more). (One competitor was/is? 16F628).

Using the USPI for sync comms requires a mix of hardware and software but
would give a faster rate and/or less overhead than possible with software

       Russell McMahon

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