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Thread: Any comments on Tek 1000 / 2000 series oscilloscopes?
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I'm considering buying a bottom end Tektronix oscilloscope.
Probably a 2102 (60 MHz (1 GS/s), 2 channel, colour).
(The entry level to this range is 2 channel, 60 MHz mono and top end is 200
MHz 4 channel colour)
(These supersede the old 100 / 200 series models)

Has anyone had any experiences, good or bad, with these that they would like
to rave about?

I'm annoyed that they have succumbed to marketing driven greed and want to
charge about 25% extra over the price of the entry level model for the add
on RS232 / GPIB / Centronix printer port module when I (and probably most
users) would be entirely happy with a simple serial port which is well
within the capability of the basic design. (A smarter move would be to
include a simple serial port in ALL models in the range and charge a bit
more overall).

           Russell McMahon

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