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Thread: hydrogen/aluminium
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> Sorry, my error, I meant to say the *electrical* energy
> used to refine the oxide to pure Al comes from cheap
> coal or gas sources. The point I was making is that this
> energy is bought CHEAP and the energy that someone else
> bought cheap can then be released by an end user when
> re-oxidising the Al. The cost effectiveness of that end
> use depends on alternative fuels cost and the relative
> efficiencies. :o)

Here we have a smelter in the far south of the country near a large Hydro
station. The two were built because of each other, as it were. I believe the
cost of electricity for them is around $US0.01 per unit although the actual
charge is a commercial secret. As well it may be when we pay 5 to 7 times as
much. (We do on average of course use rather less than the smelter and our
load curve is not quite as flat :-) ).


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