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Thread: [EE]: interfacing a PIC to a CASIO PV-Sxx (250 - 460)
face BY : Marco Genovesi email (remove spam text)

Hi all,
did anybody knows how interface an hand-held CASIO PV-S460 to a PIC (16F84A
in my case)? I would use the Casio as a data-backup for my PIC dataloggers
(used in a cave environment).
Usually I take the logger to home an use my desktop PC for data download
(with Windows 98  Hyperterminal applic. + Excel for graphics analysis) but
this is rather tedious, so I was thinking to use a small hand-held unit as a
Casio (here in Italy is much cheaper than Palm.), so I can re-initialize the
logger on the site. Besides, I suppose that may be possible to use the Casio
as a "in-field" data input for the PIC.
I have serched on the web a lot of Casio related sites, but I haven' found
all the answers to my questions:

1) Is really possible/useful to use a Casio PVxx  for this aim?
2) If yes, what's the limit of memory size (or type) for a single file to

My data:  I use a 16F84 with code for a serial transmission at 4800 / 8 /N /
2 stop bits. and an 24LC256 EEPROM (32Kbyte).

thanks for any suggestion


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