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Thread: : Oscilloscope input amplifier designs sought
face BY : Russell McMahon email (remove spam text)

> It is likely I will need to design a standard scope-type input stage
> (attenuator and amp) at some time in the not too distant future.

Update on requirement:

A typo crept into my earlier e-mail seeking design ideas for a scope

The maximum gain setting should be 50 (not 500).  The maximum attenuation
should be 0.02 (not 0.05).  That is the full-scale input ranges (resulting
in 1V output signal) should be as follows:

20mV      G = 50
50mV      G = 20
100mV     G = 10
200mV     G = 5
500mV     G = 2
1V        G = 1
2V        G = 0.5
5V        G = 0.2
10V       G = 0.1
20V       G = 0.05
50V       G = 0.02

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Subject (change) : Oscilloscope input amplifier designs sought

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