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Thread: STK500 & Assembler proiblems
face BY : Russell McMahon email (remove spam text)

Just bought an AVR STK500 with Studio 4.0 software.
Also tried 4.05 software with no change in following problem.

1.    When I assemble an assembler file, if there are no errors it produces
LST, HEX etc files as expected.
If there are errors it TELLS me that there are errors but deletes the LST
I can find no reference to what the errors are. Which makes fixing them
I can and may have to find another assembler but this one should work.

Presumably I am missing something really really simple ... but I have read
paper documentation, help files, Googled and more to no avail.

Any clues?

2.    When setting up the assembler there are MEANT to be 4 file format
options - the alleged default one is necessary if one wishes to use source
level debugging with the simulator. The alleged default format is not listed
in the menu.

Any clues?

           Russell McMahon

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