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Thread: [OT]: hydrogen/aluminium
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Sergio Masci wrote:
>You need heat to fuse the ore but once the current is flowing this
>generates more heat to keep the electrolyte molten.

True.  But still the resistive heating in electrolysis makes heat that has to be removed.

I guess it is possible to thermal isolate, and keep the temperature "down" by letting exess heat generate overheated steam (temperature is in suitable range) to drive turbine and generate electricity, but as those plants are located where electricity is as cheapest i guess that is the reason they do not do so... yet?

>Hg. Rub a little on a sheet
>of solid Al and you end up with lots of tiny piles of oxide and a very
>holy sheet.

holy shit ...

>Every wondered why you're not allowed to take thermometers onto

Now, dont tell that to mr bin Laden ... ;)


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