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Thread: [OT]: hydrogen/aluminium
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Roman Black wrote:
>Also-Antal Csaba wrote:
>> > Also-Antal Csaba wrote:
>> > >1 kg AL can be store 21.4KWh energy, this some as benzin.
>> >
>> > Interesting!  Then as electric motor have about three-four times higher efficiency at nominal load than ugly Otto, then an Al-electic car would go *VERY* far :)
>> Yes, the efficiency of the asynchrony motor (which have big starting
>> force) is about 92..95% on 30..100kW power range. The otto motor is
>> about 30..38% and the diesel motor is 35..50%.

All theese are optimum, but deisel and especially otto drops very low at loads below designed Nominal (such as at constant speed in cars). Then there are transmisison losses.  I read in a book the total efficiency from gas to drag on the road surface was 6% in a typical car keeping normal speed then (in the senventies)  now probably much better, maybe 10%... i.e a small turbo charged engine behaves better than a big non-turbo.

Electric cars have lower loss in the simpler transmission, but added loss in the VFD.

>The energy used to make pure Al from the naturally
>occuring oxide form is heat energy bought generally
>as coal or natural gas, whatever is mega-cheap in
>that area

Usually hydropower in my part of world.  IIRC in Norway such industries are located close to hydroplants.

>What wrecks the idea is the low efficiency of
>converting the heat energy released on Al oxidation
>to usable energy.

That is a big problem, and those industries are generally far from cities.

As the oxide of AL batteries would be pure, maybe some easier method is plausible?

Anyway, easier than to recollect the exhaust from otto/diesel cars and recombine to fuel... ;)


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