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Thread: Making a driver circuit for a display... Should I, if so how?
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> However, I do have access to 16 character VFD-displays
> without drivers.
> I mean, there is just the display with the pins sticking out,
> there are
> no electronics what so ever.
> I can get them for $3...
> The same but with ASCII driving is about $60 here... yuck.. :)
> What I would like to know, is this a reasonable project for a
> PIC-newbie?
> My experience so far is that of counting R/C servo signals i assembly,
> and fading LEDs in C. :)

I would vote no. Browse around for a 2x16 LCD display, phanderon used to
have them for $7.

Wouter van Ooijen

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Subject (change) Making a driver circuit for a display... Should I, if so how?

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