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Thread: [PDB] PIClist Dev Project - Pwr Consumption?
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> If you want super efficiency at full power why not a
> low-dropout 7805? That could give 90+% with a properly
> chosen wall wart.

If the wallwart gives a voltage that accurate you don't need the 7805 at
all. In practice you will - even with a perfectly choosen wallwart -
have to compensate for
- tolerances in the primary voltage (may vary from country to country!)
- tolerances in the tranformation factor
- tolerances in the diode voltage drops
- ripple on the buffer elco

I dunno what the rule of thumb is, but I would guess this asks for a
factor 1.5 between lowest and highest input to the 7805 (in addition to
the drop voltage).

Wouter van Ooijen

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Subject (change) [PDB] PIClist Dev Project - Pwr Consumption?

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