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Thread: September 11th Sorry...
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Would it be possible to have several parallel lists shared by the same
community. I imagine this generates some extra overhead but would ALMOST
eliminate the objections from the more PIC focused anti-tag
anti-anything-else brigade. Any cross pollination would be via brains. A
subject that got too OT could be manually transferred to another sublist -
also involves brains so would not always work :-)

Me? - I like it just as it is now - but you'd expect me to say that. A
little more discipline in using tags correctly should be all it takes to get
the utterly PIC focused to be blissfully unaware of the real world issues
flitting their way between other protagonists.

I make the occasional tag error (add eg a ; instead of a : late at night,
and send the occasional offlist message to the list but overall it's not too
hard to keep track.

I consider a very great loss would be incurred if we went no-tags or became
much more tightly focused AND that those who most demand this would gain
very very little of benefit while depriving many others.

> I'm not king

Sorry - you are not entitled to step off your pedestal. You have been
installed there by we your grateful serfs (surfs ?) and we alone may
unenthrone you. Noblesse Oblige and all that. You have ascended to a
position of kingship and deserve special treatment (but don't push your luck
too much :-) ).

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Trouble is it's not just "political" it's life, in all it's hues. I would
probably not subscribe to an engineers political list as it would be very
likely similar to all the other political lists that I already don't belong
to. Having a PIC/EE central focus with a rather large standard deviation is
excellent. Focusing on any one non PIC thing is quite different.

       Russell McMahon

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