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Thread: Yes this really is a PIC question
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Sounds excellent.
Now if it only had PWM ! ... :-(
Or has it ?

> 16F676 is a brand new part, I am getting a sneak preview of some samples.
> It is very cheap - sub-$1US, has 14 pins, 12 I/O, internal RC oscillator,
> anaolog comparator, 10 bit A/D, 8 A/D input channels, and a generous 1K of
> program memory <sarcasm> .  2 timers, brownout, interrupts, and Flash.  It
> is sort of a 16C54 on steriods.  Or basically it is like some of the
> 12C6xx parts scaled up for more I/O.  It packs a lot of I/O into a little
> package.

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