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Thread: September 11th
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Good points James.

Also what bothers me a little is why our western media, alse here in Europe, keep rambleing about 11/9, Israel, and balkan.  While there are often Big ugly wars and problems in Africa for example which we normally don´t hear about in normal "news" channels.

And the environmental bomb is ticking, plenty issues there.  Power supply through oil, uranium, coal is soon (100/200yrs) emptied.  IT toys get much attention but simple things like heat pumps that really can save people money and environment som epeople know almost nothing about.

And the west, especially US, consumes plenty of oil, for which we support some "terrorist" states with an ugly lot of money...

But of course it is much more easy to isolate a small happening where we can feel sorry for ourselves so we do not need to think big.  -Like if it has never been possible to fly an airplane into anything, whatever it is,  before, anytime??

Terrorism is easy to make.  Only protection is to not make enemies, but that i feel US is getting real good at... :/  (UN issues, Environmental, Trade, ...)


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