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Thread: [PIC]: Problem opening WISP628-2.SCH in Eagle 4.09r2e
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Geo wrote 2002-09-15:
>Looked at both files with hex editor - Netscape has added a CR (0d) before
>every occurence of LF (0A) in the file!
>Must have assumed it is a text file, not binary.

IMHO, it should never EDIT files, Anyhow !

>Hate it when IE is better....

It also downloads viruses much more efficiently, even invisibly in background, and installs them automatically without the user need to worry... Superior software this is.

Mozilla is really mature nowadays, and nothing i´ve seen beats Opera in user interface.
For download i use http://www.getright.com which is really neat and can take over download from all here named browsers, it can resume, connect sheduled time, download throtteled in background, etc.  Have never disappointed me.


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Subject (change) [PIC]: Problem opening WISP628-2.SCH in Eagle 4.09r2e

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