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Thread: F84 does fine episode ii: the attack of the code
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> I didn't add "ORG 0" before this and "ORG 1FF, GOTO SETUP" at the end.
> Could THAT be the problem? Doesn't the processor cycle the program? Or
> does it stop the execution at the end of the program? Does the
> oscillator stop at that time? If so, is there a way to add that last
> line to an already programmed pic? (I'm asking that because
> they are now REALLY expensive in my country - Argentina).

A microcontroller program has no end - your code might end, but the
processor will just continue executing instructions. And if you code in
assembler, there are only instructions that you put there. PICs start
executing either at 0000 or (those with calibration constants) at 'top
of ROM'. In most cases 'running past the end of your program' will cause
the CPU to execute a long list of '3FFF's, untill it wraps around to
address 0000, where your program starts again. But it is bad practice to
rely on this.

Bottom line: your program should contain at least one loop that will
loop forever.

Wouter van Ooijen

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Subject (change) F84 does fine episode ii: the attack of the code

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