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Thread: F84 does fine episode ii: the attack of the code
face BY : Hernán Freschiemail (remove spam text)

Hello everyone. The code I used for my previous post was designed for
C54 (read microchip’s an590), but I also made another program, that
doesn’t work either: it enables all outputs for 6 hours and disables
them for 18:

I didn’t add “ORG 0” before this and “ORG 1FF, GOTO SETUP” at the end.
Could THAT be the problem? Doesn’t the processor cycle the program? Or
does it stop the execution at the end of the program? Does the
oscillator stop at that time? If so, is there a way to add that last
line to an already programmed pic? (I’m asking that because they are now
REALLY expensive in my country – Argentina).

APAGADO equ 0x00

ENCENDIDO equ 0xff

           cblock 0x0D








SETUP movlw 0x00      
           tris PORTA

           tris PORTB                  
           clrf PORTA

           clrf PORTB


           movwf PORTA

           movwf PORTB

           call delay6

           movlw APAGADO

           movwf PORTA

           movwf PORTB

           call delay18

           goto INICIO

delay6 and delay18 are standard delays (generated by the code generator
on piclist.com)

Thanks in advance.

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Subject (change) F84 does fine episode ii: the attack of the code

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