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Thread: List admin matters (replies & OT posts)
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On Thu, 12 Sep 2002, Dale Botkin wrote:

> Hi folks,
> A few things are becoming sufficiently problematic that the other admins
> (James, Josh, Herbert) and I feel it necessary to make a couple of
> requests.
> First off, the number of non-PIC posts is now far exceeding the number of
> PIC posts.  There are also a fairly large number of posts tagged as EE

Gee, I'm not the only one to notice.


I'm subscribed to about a dozen lists. The PICList is the only one that
tolerates posts not related to the theme of the list. This was a problem
before the tags were introduced and it's been a problem since the tags
were introduced. Conclusion: tags don't work.

I've attempted to send polite reminders here recently to people who either
inadvertantly or blatantly violated the Tag rule. But I'm not the list
administrator. If you (Dale) want to clean up the PIClist:

 1) Get rid of the tags.
 2) Unsubscribe anyone that blatantly posts non pic related information

The EE stuff is a necessary part of PIC programming and should not be
demarcated. The Physics stuff, while interesting, has nothing to do with
PICs and shouldn't be tolerated.


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Subject (change) List admin matters (replies & OT posts)

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