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Thread: Fitting Win2k onto embedded devices
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>You'd better explain that to Agilent.  We have some of thier Win98 based
>instruments that are switched on 24hours day, 7 days a week.  The only
>problems we have with them were software related (rather than OS) and have
>been quickly fixed by updates.  I was extrememly dubious when we recieved
>these instruments, but my fears have been completely unfounded.  They also
>use AMD proccessors that many people maintain are less stable than Intel.
>I still maintain that it's not the OS that is at fault as much as the piles
>of garbage software that most people have running on their systems.  In
>respect the true 32 BIT OS's such as NT4, 2000 and XP are considerably more
>robust.  In the case when just one, well written, program is running on the
>system and people aren't playing with the settings everyday, Win98 can be

I suspect this may be a case of Agilent being "big enough and ugly enough"
to go digging inside the code and find any stability problems, with or
without getting source code from Microsoft. After all Agilent have in the
past made some pretty good logic analysers, I would guess there would be the
odd one lying around the development lab to check on some of these things :)

You may also find that DLL's and the like used in these instruments are
written for the purpose by Agilent, and not using standard ones from

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