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Thread: Touch screen?
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> > >> "The best things in life aren't things"

> > > Art Buchwald, the author of this phrase, will be pleased,
> > >I think, if you'll mention him sometimes.

> > How do you know she meant the same thing he meant ? ;-)

> Excelent idea:
> try to distribute "Hamlet" under your authorship, telling
> around that you meant not "the same thing" as Shakespear.

1.    William is unlikely to complain.

2.    Copyright has expired.

3.    Finding the requisite 10 million monkeys is proving much easier than
the type-writers - there's just not the demand for manual machines anymore
and monkeys are hard on PC keyboards.

4.    Who is this Shakspear guy?
He gets 47000 hits on Google so he must be popular enough. The Bard, on the
other hand, gets about 3.2 million. (Even the literal string "the bard" gets
143000!)(but only 50000 of these refer to William Shakespeare)

5    I think he was talking about the thing when he said "same thing" and
not about the quote itself.

6.    Danger Will Robinson! - Bandwidth increasing chaotically.

7.    I really should be working!

7    1-6 = :-)
     7 = :-(


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