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Thread: surge suppressing (MOV)
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Hi Jim,

Most of what you said I have seen other references on, but your e-mail
sums it all up nicely so it's going in the "Repeater-Projects" folder...

Was aware of the "halo" systems... a number of the commercial sites out
here are using them.  They do seem to help quite a bit.

On those "top-hats" we had access to a tower that had one... it corroded
over the two years it was up there and started making RF noise.  We tore
it down immediately.  In the high winds of the mountains it just
crackled and crackled and crackled... plus it was constantly being
"charged" by nearby storms, and while it was probably dissipating
static, while it was doing so, it was super-noisy across the majority of
the spectrum.  We decided they could have better spent their money on
upgrading the tower grounding system at that site.  (GRIN)  Of course,
this was the same site that let another tenant hang a climbing arrestor
from a tower ladder rung and CHAIN it to the rung... argh... that got
taken off this summer after a complaint.  (The funny part is the
Amateurs on the site are helping keep it cleaned up like we always do,
and the commercial guys are leaving tools and crap laying around... )

Not having a good earth ground is a very big problem out here... most
commercial sites bury a halo-style system around the tower itself,
grounded a multiple points with as much ground rod as they can drive
down... usually they can find a few sandy spots around the tower to push
them down into away from the rocks.  That and keeping the building
single-point ground and the tower well tied together seems to keep
everything at relatively the same ground potential during strikes... The
system may not dissipate the strike as quickly as in better soil, but
the same principals seem to still apply in practice.  The hard part is
making sure that everything rises or falls together so there's no
"better path" for the charge to take that will pass through equipment
and blow it up.

I guess this is ranging far from being applicable to pic's, even if we
do have the [EE] tag on here... heh heh... will chat with you more later
on the topic, I'm sure.


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