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Vasile Surducan wrote:

> Olin, thank you very much,
> there are two people on this list which had change my bad
> feelings for the americans, one is James Newton and the other is
> you...
> Numbering Scott too, there are three... but I think he have latin
> roots.

Obviously Olin is from somewhere in Central-North Europe,
James' ancestor used to think about physics lows under
apple-trees in England.
We both you and I suffer from the syndrome of interpolating
our feelings from few persons to all the nation, 'cause we
lived under regimes that unified population (just killing those
who was non-standard). Thus knowing few guys you could
predict others.
I suspect, this could not work with Americans. There is
a rumour, they aren't all good boys and they aren't all bad
boys, they are just different.


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