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Thread: Laptop Fun
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In the brief instant I thought about it, I'd go about it this way:

Boot to windows safe mode with the CDROM.
Copy all files from the \win95\ directory (lots of .cab files) to a new
directory at the root of the hard drive.
Turn off, insert floppy drive and boot back up to safe mode (or dos)
Make a bootable floppy disk (should be able to do from safe mode
explorer or the dos prompt with "format a: /s") or on another computer
Use floppy disk to boot computer straight into dos.

At this point you can either delete every directory and file other than
the CD files, or you can leave everything like it is.

Run setup from the directory with the CD files.

If it's a problem with the boot up files (boot sector, msdos.sys,
io.sys, etc) then delete them and go through setup again, or do a "sys
c:" from the A: drive (copy sys.com from the windows\command\ directory
before deleting it)

If that doesn't work then get a boot disk with fdisk, format, sys, and
the interlnk files on it.  Hook that computer to another computer using
a null modem or laplink printer cable to copy the cd files to the newly
fdisk'ed, formatted and sys'ed hard drive.

Then boot to the hard drive and run setup.


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