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Thread: Fitting Win2k onto embedded devices
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> > > hmmm...... i guess youre not a high reliability fan ?
> > > Let me know what products you make so that i can steer clear of them
> >
> > Funny, i have several windows based systems that run 24/7 with no
> > problems,
> > in office and domestic environments.  These are, in any case, for
> > non-production prototype systems.
>         For NT based systems (NT, XP, 2K), I'd agree, however for 9x stuff
(95, 98,
> Me) it doesn't matter WHAT you do, they are inherently flawed and will
> crashed if used.
> > I tend to believe that people who can't get windows running with any
> > stability have to look at themselves first.. ; )
>         Not true, Windows 9x are inherently flawed when it comes to
We have a full mix here, including DOS, WIN95(OSR2), WIN98,Me,2K et.al.
The stability seems to have more to do with the hardware and the operator.
Some hardware will crash during setup, this is a sure sign of a computer
that will never be stable with an os that uses its full potential, get the
hardware stabilized first!
Then there are some operators that can crash an abacus while adding 2+2.
If on the other hand a good computer is not overloaded with junk programs
(like 17 midi file players that all try to launch every time a midi file is
encountered) any system can be reliable.

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