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Thread: Infrared Communications
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> I want to pass data from person to person. Sorry I was not more clean.
> What I mean by data is like Name and Job Title. I am tinkering with the
> PIC16F628.

Data rate?
Packet size?

My limited experience with infrared receiver modules intended for remote
controls suggests that ranges of 2 to 10 metres would be easily achieved at
say 2400 baud (possibly higher). Range depends somewhat on light levels,
power, directionality of LED/RX, ....

I suggest starting off by buying one of the many 38 kHz (or similar)
receiver modules intended for TV remote applications and trying that. You
can customise this in due course if desired.

Note that IRDA compatible RX/TX heads (by HP and others) probably well
suited to your purpose are available from eg Farnell.


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