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Thread: Touch screen --> Important..not..stop..questioning
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>       "The important thing is not to stop questioning."
> Can this work in all situations though?

Well, as it was Einstein who said it, it must be true, mustn't it?
Do you have to take things so literally?
Did you know it was an Einstein quote?
How long did it take you to ... ?


Can *I* stop questioning now ? :-)

> I mean, let's consider the following seemingly benign
> scenarios :
> a) One's wife - from the point where the wife arrives home
> (walking in through the door) all the way down to the last
> few minutes of the evening - is this a wise policy to literally
> 'question everything'?

Even Einstein can't have understood women, so No.

> b) When the kids arrive home, through suppertime and finally
> onto their bedtimes - won't the kids at some point say: "gee
> Dad, don't you have someone else you can question?"

Beat them at their own game.
Why daddy? Why?
Why is water wet?
Why don't sihes dronw?
Why ...?

> c) The boss. I see this as a veritable mine field. Bosses
> like *to* question but do not (generally) like even second
> degree questioning-treatment (let alone the 3rd treatment).
> At some point, one simply *must* have faith - no?

Are you sure?

Maybe I shouldn't even send this?
Will they realise I am joking?
Why didn't I go to bed an hour ago?
What if Einstein ws wrong?
Or Darwin ? :-)

> I can also see where this phrase, as a "modus operandi" could
> lead to a serious state of paranoia ... but that's just me I
> suppose <grin> ...

You are not alone.

       Russell "why not?" McMahon

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