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Thread: 56k modem at 250k
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Some browsers start downloading the file while you're still choosing
where to save it, but don't count that as download time, so when the
dialog finally shows up it's downloaded half the file at one second.
Your modem and the modem you're calling also have fairly decent on the
fly compression built in, so you can transfer simple files fairly
quickly.  Lastly many web servers are configured to zip a file on the
fly when a compatible browser can unzip it on the fly.  It reduces
bandwidth and speeds up the transmission.

I'm still surprised you get 250K bytes, are you sure it isn't reading in
bits per second?

As an aside, some PDFs are not precompressed and since they have a
fairly simple structure they can compress very well.  To get a really
good idea of the actual speed try downloading a large compressed
(zipped) file, such as MPLAB.


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