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Thread: MPLab in Win2000
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Alan B. Pearce wrote:

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As admin for a small company I wish I could prevent them from installing
software.  Several of the computers have gator installed as an
aftereffect of a 'free' (read - very costly in my time) screensaver, and
host multiple adware programs and utilities, few of which are used more
than once after being installed.

Obviously smart employees can avoid all that extra crud, but in a large
company it becomes difficult to sort out who is smart and who is not.
Furthermore a blanket policy is easier to train and enforce.  You dont
get "Fred can install whatever he wants, why can't I?" where "Because
you are not as thoughtful as fred." results in major problems.  And even
smart users do dumb things.

There are multiple other reasons, of course, but the result is the same
- less time maintaining, more time improving.


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