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A rather delayed response. In this area I'm afraid my replies are only as
good as my Googling.

>  As you are recognized guru on superb Net resources and
> distinguished English language mentor to the non-native
> English List members,

Flattery will get you somewhere :-)

> could you, please, point me (and I
> hope many others) to some Net sites with the following
> content:
> 1. .mp3 sound files on superb science or technology themes.

A good start


Didn't see anything directly re MP3s here but there's so much science
material that it's a good place to start.


Sites like this one are an obvious place to look and this will give a good
idea of other such places to look.


> 2. Full texts of these ".mp3".

Not so easy.
I'm not sure what your application is.
If you absolutely HAD to have both text and sound there are two approaches
that may be usable.

1.    Use a good quality text to speech program on science text source.
Possibly suitable programs are MBROLA (free), from Belgium and DECTALK
(commercial product - some versions are bundled with hardware or sold
cheaply). Quite a few others are available. Best quality is good but still
recognisable as machine generated. MBROLA uses "real" speech diphones which
it strings together so the result is quite natural.

2.    Use a speech recognition program to recreate text. Less likely to
produce good results. The latest Dragon Naturally Speaking 6 is quite good
but still not truly speaker independent.

Sorry I couldn't do better.

What is the application?


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