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Thread: High Voltage Caps
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Hej Francois Robbertze. Tack för ditt meddelande 18:16 2002-09-07 enligt nedan:
>I ordered 0.01uF 250V Cer Caps for a telephone applicaton(CID & DTMF
>Decoding). (CMX602BP & M8870)
>The distubutor send me a 0.01uF X2 Type cap. What is the meaning of the X2?

X2 are rated to safely be ysed between L and N on 230VAC line input.
(used for noise suppression)
So, it can cope with 230VAC PLUS TRANSIENTS.

This is far more than your requested 250VDC, so i is OK.

BTW, "Y" types are rated to be used between L and GND, and N and GND, for noise suppression.


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