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Thread: variable speed serial communication
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At 10:12 AM 09/09/2002 +0300, you wrote:
>Brendan, if I'll be in your skin, I'll use a fixed speed serial link to
>PC, the faster I can afford (  up to 500kB on serial ? or much more on USB
>) and a local PIC for the rest of the job. However I have no ideea how
>you'll send
>an acknowledge at every 12MHz clock from a PIC...

Thanks for the thought, Vasile.

A mid-range PIC can't handle it.  I'd have to use an 18 series at 48MHz,
and even that's close...  If I were going to use a programmable part, and I
were to use a PIC, I think I'd go with an 18 series PIC.  I'd operate on an
SRAM, and send up to 16k at a time.

I think I'd use a constant 3MHz clock...  I'd prefer, though, to use a
system built on discreets.  I'm trying to make this so that it doesn't use
programmable parts, though I may not be able to avoid it...


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