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Thread: Replacement for PIC16F84A ?
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> I'm using a dev/educ card with a PIC16F84A built
> from a design in Elektor this spring. Now, I'v found
> this PIC a bit limited in features. To what degree are
> the newer 18-pin PIC's compatable (the HW, not by SW)
> with the 16F82A ? Such as the 16F62X series.

I have sent a message that was placed in one of the next issues about
the 16x84 being outdated and the 16f628 being the HW replacement.

> Or should one try to go with some of the "bigger" PIC's ?
> Which PIC is the most popular amongst "hobbyists" today ?

Oh no, you don't want to start that war again! A few possible answers:
- stick with 16x84 because that is was most published projects use
- 16f877
- 16f877A
- 18F452

> And what programming/experimenting cards are most popular ?

Looking for another flame war ;)

> Or maybe the "The PICLIST Beginners Kit" is what I'm
> looking for ?

If you have got the time...

Wouter van Ooijen

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