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Thread: PIC Programmer that can "Run"
face picon face BY : Wouter van Ooijen email (remove spam text)

>     your programmer looks very interesting. I'll buy a PCB
> and build one.
>     Do you know when PIC18Fxxx suport would be ready?

I am updating the website right now, new orders will be delivered with
the 18f-capable firmware.

>     How much time it takes to fully program a PIC16F877?

That question triggered some last minute code tweaking!

Some measurements for 6944 instructions (note that this is write only,
no readback/verify by the PC software, but the programmer itself still
does a verify, at least for a 16f877):

1. Wisp.exe on non-NT windows (95, 98): 3:24
2. Wisp.exe on Win2K: 27:30 (much too slow to be usefull)
3. XWisp.py on Win2K: 2:20

1 is dominated by the 16f877 write timing.
2 is caused by hardware emulation instead of real hardware access, so
you see that I had to write new PC software...
3 seems to be caused mainly by context switching?

Some notes:
- bottom limit is the write time required by the chip istelf: 10
ms/location, so 1:10 for 7k
- PicStart+: 2:00 (but it writes all 8K, it always does??)
- a 16f877A is much faster: 1:04
- an 18F is *much* faster (even using single-panel writes): 0:35

Wouter van Ooijen

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