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Thread: Interrupt bits
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Bits defined by mask (for use with ORing or ADDing):

RBIF  equ h'01'
INTF  equ h'02'
TOIF  equ h'04'
RBIE  equ h'08'
INTE  equ h'10'
TOIE  equ h'20'
PEIE  equ h'40'
GIE   equ h'80'

Bits defined by bit position (for use with BTS/BTFSS etc):

GIE                          EQU     H'0007'
EEIE                         EQU     H'0006'
T0IE                         EQU     H'0005'
INTE                         EQU     H'0004'
RBIE                         EQU     H'0003'
T0IF                         EQU     H'0002'
INTF                         EQU     H'0001'
RBIF                         EQU     H'0000'

Both have their purpose, but don't use one when the other is needed!
BTW to get the mask from the position: ( 1 << position )

Wouter van Ooijen

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