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> Don't joke about this. I had some floppies that caught humidity and rusted
> (unknown to me). When I put them in the computer they ate the drive heads
> for lunch immediately. It took me a while to understand this. MSDOS 6.22
> original install disks too. Doh.

Old floppies can grow mould on the surface. They will transfer the mould to
the drive heads. Subsequent disks will not work. A disk cleaner may not
clean them well enough to make the drive work again. Long ago I found that
if you open the drive, use a cleaning disk well wetted with isopropyl
alcohol and apply extra mechanical pressure to push the heads onto either
side of the cleaning diskette (fingers are useful for this :-) ) then proper
cleaning occurs. This must violate all sorts of best practice practices :-).
YMMV, don't try this at home etc.

Storing floppies that you value in a suitable environment can help.


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