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>> I know why crystals and capacitors work, and
>> why they can fail under very high gees, but I'm
>> using resonators.  How do they work (internally i mean)
>> and what makes them fail sometimes?

I'll copy this to another list as well as it should be of wider interest.

The ceramic material in Ceramic Resonators has piezo-electric

Here is a reference which covers piezo ceramics and also other
"electroactive ceramic materials".


The menu on the left hand side links to a number of useful pages eg



The above is a subsite of the UK National Standards laboratory for Physical
measurements. This site has information in a wide range of areas related to
practical engineering applications.


Separate research areas for

Adhesives, Aqueous Corrosion, Ceramics and Hardmetals, Composites,
Electronics Interconnection, High-Temperature Corrosion, Metal Foams,
Polymer Degradation, Polymer Processing, Process Metallurgy, Residual
Stress, Sensors and Functional Materials, Surfaces and Interfaces, Surface

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