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Thread: Formatting a 80GB Hard Drive
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I maintain a "techo" list of people who are interested that I send
items of interest *to me* to. Many but not all of these also get sent to
PICList. Most are short references to sites. Some are my own comments or
notes of varying length

These may be anything that takes my interest but will be biased towards
technology & science. These almost never feature religious or philosophical
references - occasionally they may if the material falls in several areas at
once or (very occasionally) if I just feel like it's a good idea.

Anyone who wants to is welcome to have their name added to the list. You can
also ask for it to be removed at any time so the cost of trying is low. I
absolutely do not sell or give these names to anyone else. The recipients
will almost always be anonymous to others (messages are sent to "Friends").
Very occasionally I may slip up and place the list in the TO field rather
than BCC - while I try not to do this its caveat emptor (the price is
right). If you want a source of probably interesting OT that is more techo
topic focused than what you get generally on PICList but somewhat wider in
scope than what I usually post on PICList OT (can it be?) then by all means
ask to have your name added to the list. Can be removed again if the
material proves uninteresting. Much but not all material will be duplicates
of my PICList OT posts.

       Russell McMahon

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