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Thread: Recovering CD files
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> I think a piece of software called ISOBUSTER may assist. Note I
> haven't used it for this purpose, but it can extract binary raw data
> from CD

I've found it (easy) and used it to get the data off the CD. Now I
just have to figure out what to do next. At least I know the raw
data is safe. Isobuster is shareware, as you said. It seems to
be functional enough to do what I need to. Not that I'm cheap,
but I've burned many dozens of CDs and this is the first cock-up
so I'm not sure buying a utility I'd use once is very economic

Whilst poking around the PC in the vain hope there might be a
copy of the files I discovered that there was 2.5GB taken up by
.TMP garbage (some of it very very old !!!!), in the Windows/Temp
folder. Most of it was from recent transferring of vinyl LPs to CD.
So although I've temporarily lost some files, there was the pay-off
of regaining a large amount of HDD space that I might not otherwise
have gone looking for. Which actually was the point of backiing up
those files in the first place  ;-)  If / when I do manage to recover
them, I'd consider that a good win-win result

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