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Thread: Mini-ITX board. Was: Why does a PC need 12V?
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Hey Mark,

After much investigation, and being able to locate this board for
US$110, I'm really excited about it, with one exception...  The
speed comparisons for the C3 800MHz processor put it at roughly
1/3 the performance of a Celeron 900Mhz.  Ouch!

But that might be enough for me.  If it is, everything else is
awesome, especially the size of the board, and that it includes
on-board video, audio, etc in that space.

However, if it is not, I may be in for trouble.  I've not found
this info anywhere, but hoping you can tell me since you have
one... is the processor switchable to a regular Celeron or similar?
If so, I could then bail myself out with a few more $$$.


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Subject (change) Mini-ITX board. Was: Why does a PC need 12V?

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