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Thread: Why does a PC need 12V?
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Morgan Olsson wrote:

> Easiest would be to buy a all in one +5V only motherboard for
> embedded apps.
> I4ve seen somewhere a pentium compatible to good price.
> /Morgan

Really?  Where?  I've searched and searched, and all I found
was PC/104-type boards at close to $1000 a piece!  And many
still using 486-level processors.

My requirements are simple -- small size, 300-400Mhz processor
(I was thinking Celeron since they were designed for cooler
operation that the PII's, etc), and perhaps 2 PCI slots.  Need
to support 2 HD's and that's all.

Would love to hear of anything you've come across that meets
these needs.

Up to this point, I'm planning on using a Micro-ATX MB (or just
smaller like a Shuttle MB) in a custom case, with no removeable
drives/floppies/CD's, etc.  Transfer of files, etc will be via
USB or ethernet.


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