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Thread: Why does a PC need 12V?
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John Ferrell wrote:

> Worst case scenario is to use an off the shelf AC converter. If
> you can keep
> the power requirements down to 100Watts they are available for about $45.

You mean an inverter to convert 12V to 120VAC, then plug in the PC?
If so, I'm really avoiding that route since it seems inefficient, and

If I find that I need 12V, I may still go the route of building a
custom PS with an internal voltage doubler etc to be able to properly
regulate 12V, or get a DC-to-DC converter, etc.

But I've got my fingers crossed that I will 100% not need 12V.

> I would like to replace the Compaq Laptop I use in the Winnibago with less
> costly components.
> One of the major stumbling blocks is that of the display. There simply is
> nothing available that competes with the laptop's display. Everything else
> is way too big/expensive.

You mean too big.  I can get CRT displays for $20, which is far cheaper
than any LCD I've found.  But you're right...LCD is a must just for space
requirements.  I'm even considering replacing my 17" desktop monitor in
the house with an LCD panel (just sucking up the cost and getting a 15"
LCD) since they're soooo much smaller and I move so often.

> Current project is invesitgating a USB Web Cam for better side/back
> visibility.

FYI, you can get these with very small monitors built into the mirror
nowadays, and supposedly only a couple hundred bucks.  But being a
piclist subscriber, you probably want to build one, like I would.

Where's Julian NC?  I'm currently cooling my heels in Raleigh with
my cousins for some weeks.


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