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Thread: Why does a PC need 12V?
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Mike Harrison wrote:

> >    - Does the built-in serial require a +/-12V supply?  Or
> Usually.
> >      does it generate +/-12V (like a MAX232 for example)?
> >      If I need to supply it, and decide not to use serial
> >      comms, then can I just ignore it?
> Probably - the only possible issue I can think of may be to do with
> continually asserted ring interrupts.

Not familiar with ring interrupts.  I don't use serial at all,
should I be able to get away w/o supplying 12V at all, or are you
suggesting that the ring interrupts require 12V in it's "dormant"

> >Anything else I'm missing?
> There may be things that use the 12V rail to get a clean 5v supply,
> but 8v or so ought to do here. Probably most likely on audio or video
> cards

Hmmm... never thought of this.  Will have to look at the regulators
on the board (when I get one).


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