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Thread: Why does a PC need 12V?
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>      does it generate +/-12V (like a MAX232 for example)?
>      If I need to supply it, and decide not to use serial
>      comms, then can I just ignore it? Probably - the only possible issue I can think of may be to do with
continually asserted ring interrupts.
> Or can I just supply
>      it with +/-5V (as an RS423 device) and make sure the
>      other end handles that level?
Possibly. May be easier to remove the RS232 driver and replace it with
MAX232 etc. +/-8v would probably work fine.  
>    - I can always get or modify the fan for 5V use, or I
>      could generate 10-ish volts for that.  So no prob
>      here.
>    - I believe line-out sound levels go to 10V, so +/-12V
>      is probably needed there.  Any way around this?
You may get away with less than 12V, as this is likely to give
headroom for the analogue stuff.
>Anything else I'm missing?
There may be things that use the 12V rail to get a clean 5v supply,
but 8v or so ought to do here. Probably most likely on audio or video

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