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Thread: Linux installation woes
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This is odd... I can't get Linux to install on my Thinkpad 600X, from
another HD.

Setup:  primary drive already partitioned.  Secondary drive has a FAT32
partition with a directory "s2", under which are the directories "a", "ap",
"d", etc.

Error:  After telling it which packages to install, it cannot find the "a"
disk set, then "ap", etc.

I've tried this using the "install from another partition" option as well
and manually mounting the partition and then telling it to install from a
directory already mounted and specifying "/slack/s2".  Yes, in the latter
case, I can manually browse the directories.  I'm also mounting it as vfat.

The closest I've got is with an older version of slackware install on a
secondary HD.  I mount the HD on /slack in which there is a dir s2 that has
the a, ap, d, x folders.  The setup program goes as far as letting me choose
the sets, then says that it couldn't find the a set, ap set, etc.  If I
choose expert mode, it will go one step further and ask me what I want from
the a set before coming back to tell me that it cannot find the a set.  Only
difference I can find with that version is a file called "diska1.txt" in the
a1 directory, etc.

Any idea why?


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